We have recently moved to larger premises, giving us the facility to cater more fully for the demands of our operations within agriculture, conservation and leisure. We have been involved in the restoration of wetlands into irrigated water meadows and the restoration and maintenance of several miles of the river Itchen and its tributaries, giving us a unique level of competency on projects involving rare and protected habitats.

Our retained staff have a network of specialist consultants with proven ability enabling us to successfully manage all projects put to us whatever the planning and environmental issues are.

The Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulations 2008 came into force on 1st January 2009, posing a new challenge for farmers in designated Nitrate Vulnerable Zones including much of Hampshire and Wiltshire, although full enforcement is deferred to allow preparation time to select and implement preventative measures such as new manure storage facilities.

The Regulations aim to improve water quality and specify that farmers should not be spreading manure during the autumn when the water table is being recharged. Exact dates are dependant upon soil types and whether fields are ploughed or grassland. Dates for spreading will be staggered between August and October, although the lifting of this is likely to be on the same day in January, resulting in farmers needing to stockpile manure for several months, and deal with the 'small' issue of storage.

Enforcement of the Regulations is proposed to begin in 2012, meaning that farmers will need to have in place hard standings, concrete yards, stores or barns to hold manure until they are permitted to spread it on their land. For further details of the requirements of the Regulations, the timescales and the areas which are designated as Vulnerable Zones visit the DEFRA website. If you need advice on the kind of facilities which you will need to comply with the Regulations please contact us

In the current climate any additional costs to a business are unwelcome, but with possible deductions from your Single Payment Scheme or risk of prosecution at stake, a competitive, professional solution becomes essential. At Highbridge Civil Engineering we specialise in all areas of ground works, concrete foundations and drainage and can undertake any work which may be necessary to provide suitable storage facilities.

As a local, family business with extensive experience of serving the agricultural industry we would be happy to provide a free no obligation quotation for any works that you may require in order to meet the new regulations. We have recently secured a national contract with a leading concrete company, and we would like to take this opportunity to pass these very competitive prices onto you, to assist with this forthcoming busy time in the farming industry.

Highbridge Civil Engineering addresses each client’s individual needs to the highest professional standard, with both agricultural and environmental references available from satisfied farming customers. We pride ourselves on our exceptional Health and Safety record and Customer Service within the industry. Our experienced work force holds the relevant certification for the operation of all plant and equipment and are conversant with current health and safety legislation.

Please phone us for further information and a competitive quote.

Bulk excavation / Muck away

We are often required to clear large sites prior to construction works starting. On site removal or off is no problem. We are conversant in off site regulation and the detailed paper trail now required from site to approved tipping facilities is part of our on going training. Often at this part of the contract we are involved in crushing and screening operations, something we've been promoting and investing in for a number of years.

Drainage Design & Construction

A large part of most construction projects often not given enough to consideration. Foul and storm drainage need to be programmed into the project early on. Existing systems are rarely as proposed and need to be checked as part of the site set up. We offer a complete drainage package and usually find a simple solution to most problems. Large and deep pipe lines are part of our expertise and we operate a full earthwork support backup with laser assisted pipe laying. Storm and ground water harvesting are also within our remit.


Our team of experienced operatives deliver all types of concrete foundations and slabs.We are also conversant with raft foundations usually used in more difficult ground conditions.Where possible we like to engage with your design team,early in the project to assist in any cost savings. Our engineers use the latest state of the art E D M  equipment to set out the site to mm precision. Our site foreman are all site engineer standard. We are a Hampshire council approved contractor. All construction starts in the ground if this part isn't right nothing above will be. Time spent here getting things correct pay dividends later on.

Reinforced foundation construction

From a small retaining wall to Olympic sized pool we have poured them all!  From city centre development to the entrance to a cathedral. Concrete and steel go hand in hand. We have invested heavily in all forms of concrete placing , levelling and finishing an take a special pride in our finished product.

Resin finished drives

A new and exciting addition to our company. This fantastic modern material brings outstanding qualities. It not only performs well, the 'wow' factor that comes with the finished product is awesome. We have invested in the future of this material and worked with the manufacturer to train our team of layers. More information coming soon...

Smaller Contracts

Whilst having been involved in larger contract nationwide we have never refused to price works on a smaller scale. Owning and operating our own plant tethered with a better buying practice enables us to be competitive in all areas. We can usually assist in the involvement and control of other trades should that be required.